RISE Pediatric Study

Pediatric Enrollment Completed in Indianapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh, and New Haven


Initial Results from the Pediatric Study Now Available!

Initial results from the RISE Pediatric Medication Study were presented in June 2018. Read the NIH Press Release to learn more

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Participating Centers

Four clinical centers in the United States enrolled children and adolescents with prediabetes or early onset type 2 diabetes. The study enrolled 91 pediatric participants (10-19) and is now following them for 21-24 months. Click here for more information about the participating clinical centers or click on a city below to go directly to the clinical center's homepage.

More information about RISE Participating Sites:

INDIANAPOLIS  email 317-274-7679  
DENVER  email 720-777-4354  
PITTSBURGH  email 412-692-5846 
NEW HAVEN  email 203-785-2942


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RISE Brochure for Health Care Providers





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